A start at keeping good records…

I’ve been thinking for a while about having a blog to organise my photos and share the progress of the bonsai trees and material in my garden.  Up to now I’ve been creating folders and sub folders of dated pictures and organising them on the computer but it’s getting frustrating as it involves jumping through a lot of hoops to get the desired picture and there’s no easy way of recording useful information alongside each picture either.  So, I’m going to try and be diligent with this blog and hopefully it’ll be a lot easier to track the progress of my trees, as well as make record keeping an easier and more enjoyable experience.  I’m a father of three young kids and my wife gave up her job to stay at home and look after them so I don’t have the finances to pursue my hobby by buying mature, styled bonsai trees.  I’m at the other end of the spectrum, growing things from seed, cuttings and developing raw material.

I like following a number of bonsai related blogs and these have inspired me to have a go.  I’m also hoping to gain advice from visitors as I publish posts.  This isn’t really going to be me telling anybody what to do with their trees, as I consider myself to be a novice, more the other way round ( rather selfish I know)!  You’ll have to forgive the photo quality of any pictures taken before July 2014 as they were all taken with a cheap Sony point and click or else my 5mp camera phone.  Having just acquired a DSLR, all pictures from now on should (hopefully) be of much better quality.

To start things off I’ll post some pics of my garden and material that I’m working with at the moment.


The back of the house where most of my bonsai material is kept in shade during the hottest part of the day.  Also a couple of raised beds for next year.  A cluttered lean-to greenhouse provides winter protection or shelter for trees that like it a bit drier than outside.


I’m fortunate in that I have a number of flower beds in which I  replanted a mixture of bonsai and non bonsai material at different stages –  Hornbeam, False Cypress, Cherry, Azaelea, Juniper, Cotoneaster,  Larch, Black Pine, Mugo Pine, Scots Pine and others.


Until I build a decent display area, this is my temporary bench that holds my most developed bonsai material.  Not an ideal backdrop but I appreciate seeing the different foliage colours and textures from my kitchen window.

DSC_0078 - Copy

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