Bonsai School Report

I attended the NIBS Bonsai School on Saturday and really enjoyed a day that was characterised by the following:

1. High quality information regarding a number of bonsai related topics such as conifer maintenance in autumn, windswept styling and a species focus on elms.  Great stuff!

2.  High level banter between Mr Snart and Mr Eejit.

3.  A chance to peruse and purchase wares directly from Willowbog Bonsai.


I was really looking forward to the day as a number of the topics were quite relevant for me in terms of the material that I have and the work that I intend to do over the coming months.  As always I made the most of Peter’s visit and made a few purchases.  As a result I now have enough wire to see me through the forseeable future, a beautiful Walsall pot and I even grabbed a bunch of old copies of Bonsai Europe magazine.


It doesn’t matter to me that they’re over a decade old –  I love reading and these will provide valuable photographic inspiration for me.


I didn’t buy this with a particular tree in mind.  Just thought it was a beautiful pot.  I’ll fill it soon enough!


Japanese Larch progression

After my previous post that had negative overtones of my travails in the world of bonsai, I thought I would create a post showing a relatively successful project so far.  This Japanese Larch (Larix Kaempferi) was bought as raw material three years ago from Willowbog Bonsai (Peter Snart had visited for the launch of the NIBS Bonsai School). I wasn’t long as a member of the NIBS and wanted a cheap piece of raw material to work on straight away to get my future bonsai collection started.

1 apr 11


It was first styled with a lot of help back in April 2011. All branching was wired.

2 first style apr 11

That year all new growth was closely pinched to start to build up ramification of the branches.  It was very well fed.

6 aut 11

Autumn image

The following Spring I rootpruned and repotted into a mica training pot.

8 may 12

May 2012 – recovering from repot

13 sep 13

September 2013

Last Autumn it was ready for a second styling.  Wire was applied from base to tip of each branch. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. But I was much happier with a dramatic increase in foliage and ramification over the previous year and a half.  Spring this year and I repotted the tree into a round and rough textured pot that complemented the bark.

19 mar 14

March 2014

Growth was slow this year due to substantial pruning of thick surface roots in particular but it still pushed out some new shoots which were pinched in the usual manner.  Below is the most recent image taken at the weekend with moss applied and foliage tidied up.  Following advice, the apex shall be further developed, natural moss will be developed on the soil surface and I hope to finally work on the jins/shari next year.

20 may 14

May 2014


September 2014



Not having a great time of it in bonsai world these days – some of you may have noticed that a lot of photographs are not loading on my blog or on various pages on this site.  This is because I accidently deleted most of the images from my media library and they cannot be retrieved! What’s more I didn’t save those images anywhere else, they were just loaded straight from the camera card. SCHOOLBOY ERROR!  Please bear with me while I try and refresh the affected posts/pages by replacing the images (somehow!).  Thankfully recent posts are unaffected.