Not having a great time of it in bonsai world these days – some of you may have noticed that a lot of photographs are not loading on my blog or on various pages on this site.  This is because I accidently deleted most of the images from my media library and they cannot be retrieved! What’s more I didn’t save those images anywhere else, they were just loaded straight from the camera card. SCHOOLBOY ERROR!  Please bear with me while I try and refresh the affected posts/pages by replacing the images (somehow!).  Thankfully recent posts are unaffected.


4 thoughts on “EPIC FAIL

  1. What I do is I load all my pictures on Face book, and then get the url and use it to post my pictures on the blog…all my pictures are in albums…each tree has one picture and I update it in the comment section. Us I update it date is automatically added. This way I dont use the little picture allowance WP provides for free and I can load as many pictures as I need.
    If you need help let me know.


    • Thanks Neli. That’s a great help. I managed to find most of the images on the laptop afterall but I do need to consider a way of making sure it doesn’t happen again or at least ensure everything is backed up in a more accessible way.


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