Bonsai School Report

I attended the NIBS Bonsai School on Saturday and really enjoyed a day that was characterised by the following:

1. High quality information regarding a number of bonsai related topics such as conifer maintenance in autumn, windswept styling and a species focus on elms.  Great stuff!

2.  High level banter between Mr Snart and Mr Eejit.

3.  A chance to peruse and purchase wares directly from Willowbog Bonsai.


I was really looking forward to the day as a number of the topics were quite relevant for me in terms of the material that I have and the work that I intend to do over the coming months.  As always I made the most of Peter’s visit and made a few purchases.  As a result I now have enough wire to see me through the forseeable future, a beautiful Walsall pot and I even grabbed a bunch of old copies of Bonsai Europe magazine.


It doesn’t matter to me that they’re over a decade old –  I love reading and these will provide valuable photographic inspiration for me.


I didn’t buy this with a particular tree in mind.  Just thought it was a beautiful pot.  I’ll fill it soon enough!



4 thoughts on “Bonsai School Report

  1. You’ve got….. And it’s getting stronger!!!
    That Bonsai Bug!!!

    Pots randomly purchased. Books and magazines hahaha

    Glad you had a great weekend!!

    By the way, I have to stacks of bonsai magazines in the bedroom. Not been told off about them Yet hahaha
    That day’ll come 😉


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