Foiled by bugs!


This is a very young Scots Pine that I bought two years ago online.  I’m growing it a seed tray while another the same age grows in the ground as a longer term project.  This is going to be a literati tree at some point and I don’t want it being any taller.  Anyway I had planned to wire the trunk earlier this week but after clearing the dead needles I noticed upon close inspection the presence of some bug infestation.



DSC_0006You might just be able to make the blighters out – very small, grey mite-like creatures.  Anyway, I changed my mind about wiring the tree and instead blasted it with Provado. Hopefully it’ll work and I’ll carry out the wiring later in the autumn.  Any ideas what they are?

4 thoughts on “Foiled by bugs!

  1. Seen some of these on someone else’s tree the other day. Late in the season for them but the mild Autumn so far is probably to blame. A type of aphid, your treatment should do the trick.


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