Future windswept plans


After spotting pests in my previous post, I decided to inspect all of my pines closely for further infestation.  Thankfully it seems to be confined to the one tree.  I’ve had this Scots Pine a few years in this pot.  It was a seedling when I picked it up from underfoot about four years ago.  Planted in the flower beds for a couple of years then in this pot, it hasn’t been styled at all.  It’s shohin size and a candidate for transformation into a windswept/exposed root tree.  I noticed that there aren’t many strong buds on it at the moment so it’s not in great health.  Styling can wait.  However I did clear out old needles and think about a front and future elevation.


I think it’s a bit more of a dynamic image this side with the exposed roots appearing taut as if straining against the force of the wind.  A bit of elevation also stops it from being more semi-cascade and perhaps makes it look like the tree has had some success in battling the elements.  There is some ugly inverse taper but this can be remedied by jinning the uppermost branches.   Featured is the slab pot that I bought the other week.  It could just be the right size.  I’m excited about this future bonsai.