Japanese Maple Autumn Change Slideshow

During the month of October I took a picture of my Japanese Maple everyday to capture the gradual change in colour up to total leaf drop.  The idea was to produce some kind of stop motion animation but looking at that gives me a headache ( a tripod would’ve been useful!).  Anyway, click below for a much shorter series of photos displaying the main changes during the month.


6 thoughts on “Japanese Maple Autumn Change Slideshow

  1. Thanks for this. I wish I could do maples in San Diego. Every time I try, I lose it. Way too Mediterranean here and they don’t seem to like that. How long have you been training this one? Also, what methods do you use for branch placement and trunk taper? I’ve read that maples are sensitive when it comes to chopping off too much of the trunk.



    • Hi James. This is one of the few well developed trees that I have. Bought it two years ago from someone in the local club. Since then it has been recovering from a severe root prune to get it into this pot earlier in the year. I plan to wire the branches for placement next summer. I inmproved the trunk by chopping out the original apex and a junction of three branches which hide the scar. I normally improve the trunk taper by letting lower branches grow freely and closely pruning upper branches. I’m not a big fan of dramatic trunk chops as they can be hard to disguise well. Thanks for your interest!

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