Japanese Maple Winter Image




Winter images of the Japanese Maple featured in the recent slideshow.  Ramification is starting to develop but as you can see there are a lot of straight twigs and the left hand side as you look at it needs to become fuller.  Some long internodes too.  Some of the upper branches are thicker than the lower ones too so I’m going to try and address that over the next couple of years as well as improve the nebari by pruning.  Tree health permitting, I plan to defoliate and wire next summer.



2 thoughts on “Japanese Maple Winter Image

    • Yeah that was a bit of an issue. Poor woman was up to high doh because my messages didn’t get through to her. She was panicking at 2:30am and trying to find your number on the NIBS website! Understandably, she was quite stressed. That’s the last time I’ll be a dirty stop out for a while…


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