Winter Larch

I recently had a look at my chuhin Japanese Larch now that all the needles have dropped.  Any remaining ones on the tree were cleared and I then carried out some very light pruning of this year’s extension growth to maintain the outline of the tree and also to avoid any long straight branches.  While I was at it I then removed surplus buds growing in undesirable places.  The tree had a slow year due to the repot in March but should come back strong next year I hope.  It’s staying in the open greenhouse.  Next year I plan to work on the deadwood, increase foliage density in some areas and also improve branch structure by pruning undesirable secondary branches.


From above


Foliage to be increased on the left and apex.


Three branches at one junction. One shall go next year.


Ramification starting to improve.

DSC_0423 DSC_0424

2 thoughts on “Winter Larch

  1. Coming on well Ben. I’d be tempted to do another wiring before bud break. Some of the branches are rising giving you branches sitting at different angles. This is common with larch at this stage as they are a vigorous tree. Another garage night project perhaps 😉


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