A Larch lifted…and then returned.


autumn 2015

I bought this Japanese Larch as a seedling four years ago and when moving here I planted it in a flower bed and planned to leave it to bulk up.  It’s grown pretty well and reached 5ft last year before I chopped the trunk down to about 2-3 ft in the autumn.  I decided to lift it and look at the roots.  It had been planted on a tile so the rootball was pretty flat.


Before work


After hosing

Unfortunately the nebari is not great and consists of two thick roots which I hadn’t anticipated.  In hindsight, I should have inspect the roots before now.


I decided, rather than settling for this, to try and develop a new set of roots using a tourniquet of wire.  I placed it just below the lowest branch at an angle.  After some significant pruning, A twin trunk image is starting to form.  I’ll let the thin trunk grow unhindered while developing the ramification of branches on the main trunk.  It might be cut down further in future, I’ll wait and see what happens with the roots.  The lowest branch is very thick so I’ll keep it tightly pinched.  Anybody had any luck with developing new roots on a larch before?


pruned and tourniquet on


Work almost finished

Just before putting it back in the ground I used wire to bring the minor trunk up so that it competes with the major trunk for light.  Hopefully it should increase in girth considerably this season.  I didn’t do much work on the roots – they will only be cut off if the tourniquet produces a new set in the ground.  We’ll wait and see!


Back in the bed





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