Ugly Dunkeld Larch

This rather unattractive specimen has been growing in the ground for the last three years and has put out some growth but remains poor in that there aren’t many options for future development.  I keep it going for sentimental reasons more than anything as it was a gift from my grandmother when I first became interested in bonsai around ten years ago.  A hybrid larch (Dunkeld??) it was one of those bonsai gifts that arrived from a garden centre in unsuitable soil and seemingly really healthy but has always done poorly.  I was never sure really what to do until I decided to put it in the ground to beef it up a bit but even that hasn’t worked.  Anyway, it’s got a poorly developed root system and this maybe explains its lack of performance.

3 may 12

This year I dug it up to find a pretty compact rootball that was one sided.  I’m guessing that, like my maples, it hasn’t appreciated my heavy clay soil.  I did some work with the roots, and replanted it into my new raised bed.  Hopefully it’ll like my compost and grit mixture better.


Best front


I’ll wait for its health to improve before I decide on future styling options but there are a lot of problems to solve!





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