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  1. I think you might have potted the Serrisa too early. Not sure about your weather. I have several large serrisa, as tall as 3 ft., they grow very fast in our zone 9 weather. Almost a weey bush in the flower bed. I repot them in April when the day temperature is in the 80sF and the night temperature is in the 60s. They took pruning well at that time. In our hot summer, they need to be under shade and lots of water. You are right to cover it with a plastic bag; keeping it warm would help, but be careful of too much condensation.

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    • Thanks for your advice Hoechuah. The nights have been quite cold recently and with no central heating on overnight perhaps the indoor temperature has been too low for it to recover. I presumed that any time of year would be fine to repot an indoor bonsai – I’ve learned that it may not be the case 🙂 thanks again for your comment.


  2. Thank you Hoechuah for your advice. Our climate isn’t suitable for these so it grows indoors but I suppose even at times the indoor temperature could be too low if the central heating wasn’t on. I saw a lot of condensation in the bag so I am periodically removing it to keep air fresh.


  3. So very sorry to see your sad Serissa. I can offer you two bits of info which may or may not help- After severe root pruning, it’s not unusual for a plant to drop leaves to compensate. New leaves often replace them within a few weeks. But you might also have some sort of a fungal infection affecting the leaves. You may give it a spray with an organic fungicide… or mist the remaining foliage with a 1/2 oz. of white wine vinegar and a tsp. of baking soda dissolved in a quart of warm water. (Of course, you won’t need to spray the whole quart) Mist with the solution about once a week until you see improvement. Do you feed with fish emulsion or seaweed emulsion? These natural fertilizers do help a plant bounce back from re-potting/pruning and the minerals improve the plants general health and strength.
    Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today and for your like 😉 Best wishes, WG


    • Thanks WG for your reply! I’m hoping that a new set will grow in time as this happened before with a different problem involving a Serissa. It had a treatment with anti fungal spray while being under the plastic cover. Time will tell, I’m not giving up on it yet. I normally try to include a fish emulsion/seaweed extract based feed during the year but normally wait until about a month after root pruning to do this. Thanks again for the advice. Ben


      • I love your site Ben, and your no-nonsense approach to Bonsai. I’m very interested but have not invested the time to learn, yet. I was given one of the Ficus with the lovely root structure (purchased at Sam’s, I think) for Christmas a few years back, and it was dead before the weather warmed enough to take it outside. So sad to do that to these lovely trees! Later I discovered inadequate drainage ( or non-existent drainage) in the pot. I hope your Serissa makes a full recovery 😉 Best wishes, WG

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