Just when I thought it was safe…

…the weather reverted to winter conditions. From being a balmy 17 degrees c last week, it struggled to get warmer than 7 today. Frost last night with overnight temp of -1c and wintry storms today. And its nearly May!! When I realised at the weekend that the temperature was falling, all of the repotted trees and anything with tender shoots and buds went back into the glasshouse. I’ll have to play it by ear though as the sun is still strong through the glass.


I have a mature pieris japonica in the garden which was at the peak of it beautiful fluorescent pink flowering. Ruined overnight unfortunately.


A sick fic(us)

This is a fused trunk style Ficus houseplant that has been sitting in my workplace since I joined 9 years ago.  It’s always just sat out of sight in a corner of a foyer , never receiving much attention from anyone I guess but seemingly doing ok.  Perhaps the caretaker gives it a watering now and again.  However I noticed recently that it’s in very bad health.




Before. April 2015

Drainage was non existent and the roots were bound in constantly wet peaty soil.  I’ve very little experience with indoor trees and the only other ficus I looked after was 5 or 6 years ago when starting out in bonsai and I kept the thing in my bathroom so it could appreciate the humidity.  Didn’t realise the importance of drainage though and I killed it.  So, I took pity on this thing and it’s probably going to die anyway so I’m not losing anything by having a go.  I chopped the major roots and combed out as much old soil as I could.  I replanted it in a reduced height flower pot using grit and cat litter.


After. April 2015

I then put pebbles in the bottom of the white ceramic pot( it doesn’t have any drainage holes)it was originally in to create a reservoir for water.  The actual tree now sits atop the mound of pebbles and hopefully shall suffer no more waterlogging.  It’s now at the back of the classroom in work and I try to mist it daily and expose it to good light.  Time will tell.  Any advice would be appreciated 😉