Styling a Windswept Larch


In a previous essay I made reference to an unconvincing windswept tree. Several people have asked if I could provide some more information about what a convincing windswept Bonsai would actually look like, so to help visualize. I have recently worked on a Larch with this question in mind. Instead of making a half-hearted attempt and failing to provide the answer I decided to go the whole way and reproduce something akin to a hawthorn I photographed on top of Dartmoor.IMG_9279

For those who don’t know Dartmoor it is where the winds first hit land after crossing the Atlantic Ocean – so pretty windy. Here’s the tree:

Notable features here include:

  • Very few verticals even the main stem despite obvious attempts by new shoots to grow upwards
  • Long extended horizontal branches
  • Every live branch tip is pointing to the leeward side as tips the other side get battered by the…

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