Heading for a Long Soak…


Full immersion

The family and I are heading off to Dublin for the weekend for a short break.  The weather has all of a sudden turned summery this week with temperatures around 18/19 degrees C.  Trees are coping well but if it continues and I’m not around for two whole days, they could suffer.  I like to soak each one until the rootball is fully drenched before I go.  They’re now all in shadiest part of the garden too.  Fingers crossed.



7 thoughts on “Heading for a Long Soak…

  1. It should be OK. All my trees have been potted in pure terramol/zeolite since the last springs, held on the balcony situated to the East. I had the same worries. Last weekend I had to leave home for one long day returning back in the evening. Comming back I realized eth. OK and postponed watering for next day. They spent 48 hrs without watering (from noon to noon) when the temperatures were between 25-30 ℃. And the environment on the balcony is much less good for trees than in the garden. Now I know they can make it.


    • Depends on the size of the tree and depth of pot. I try and tailor it and wait until no more air bubbles escape to the surface from each pot , around 10-20 minutes for small trees and even a few hours for my largest.

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