Three for the future?

These three European Beech saplings have been growing freely in the garden for a few years now. Time to start training for a future group planting. The one on the right has been closely pruned at the apex, the middle tree less so and the left hand tree left alone. Next year I’ll hopefully have noticeable difference in height and girth between them and I might pot them into a plastic tray.


2 thoughts on “Three for the future?

  1. Leave them in the ground πŸ™‚
    Shape the trunks with selective pruning!!!
    Honestly the girth will grow substantially better in the ground… Then look to air/ground layer them out … If the roots are rubbish. Or dig them out in 2 yrs and trim and plant back on a slab. When they say put it in the ground… πŸ˜‰


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