Amur Maple Parent

Well after removing all branching last autumn and leaving a bare trunk, I was happy to see some new buds earlier this spring but unfortunately not enough appeared.  Some at the apex and some clustered around an old wound too low down.  One has popped in a suitable location for a bottom branch so I wired it and am letting it thicken.  The others at the apex have been repeatedly clipped and the new emerging buds nipped to promote short internodal length.  I’m feeding vigorously to try and get these new buds in the middle of the trunk.  I may have to try more threadgrafts at some point.  Large old wounds were also reopened to try and encourage more callousing which has been pretty poor over the last year.

DSC_0277 DSC_0278 DSC_0279



3 thoughts on “Amur Maple Parent

  1. “…new emerging buds nipped to promote short internodal length. I’m feeding vigorously…”

    Not to be picky, but aren’t those two things diametrically opposed? I’ve always understood that vigorous feeding would be counterproductive to developing fine ramification. Maybe hold off on pushing the ramification until you have some branches to work with?


    • Hi Paul thanks for your query. For a refined tree or something with an existing branch structure I’d agree with you but in this instance I don’t see the two as being diametrically opposed. Heavy feeding is perhaps necessary to encourage as much growth as possible for this tree. Letting all shoots grow unchecked would result in extremely long shoots which in the long term would be undesirable and have to be replaced. So for this tree at this stage I need to combine both heavy feeding and bud pinching. I’m trying to offset the effects of heavy fertilising on internodal length by reducing water intake and increasing exposure to sunlight. The internodal lengths aren’t as short as they could be but so far for this tree they’re ok.

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