A Larch Styled from Scratch

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to style a Japanese Larch at the recent NIBS Greenmount Display event.  It was presented to the club for demonstration purposes and so I had a go in front of the half a dozen people who made it out on such a wet afternoon.  The material itself was approx. 4ft tall and had been grown in a large flower pot probably for 4-5years at least. The tree though must be a lot older though due to the mature cones present?  Very straight, tall and slender with no lower branches at all below 2-3ft.  There was only one real option – cascade!


NIce root buttress


Aging bark – another plus point.


Perhaps some adjustments needed – I don’t like the horsehoe but that’s as much as I could bend it on the day.


This angle better shows movement put into the trunk and the use of foreshortening to reduce the length.

I may use this tree to experiment with grafting in future as I’d like to thicken up the lower trunk a lot.


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