Wee Beastie!

On two occasions in the past week, I’ve noticed something playing hide and seek in my bonsai trees.  Can you find him?


A visitor on my Fuji Cherry

Look closer:

DSC_0019.JPG close up


It seems to be a peppered moth caterpillar.  It had quite the grip on the branch.  Amazing how camouflaged it was. I only saw him because I was removing the wire from the tree.


Off he goes.

And another one (hopefully not the same one – he was thrown over the hedge!) a bit harder to see in the picture:


My Amur Maple

Close up:


Blending perfectly on the branch.


Just in case it was the same one, he went in the brown compost bin.

Incidentally after a bit of research, it seems that the larvae can be responsible for eating away stems of young plant material (girdling) at ground level, something I’ve noticed on two young hawthorn seedlings that germinated last year.