The Artisans Cup Bonsai Show

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My wife and I went to the Artisans Cup bonsai show in Portland, Oregon. It is a fantastic show with superb bonsai. The Saturday morning opening was packed with people. The hall was basically unlit, except flood lights aiming directly at the trees.

There were over 70 displays, heavy on conifers, especially American west and northwest species such as California Juniper, Pondorosa Pine, Sierra Juniper, Mountain Hemlock etc. These collected trees are huge, and with a lot of jins and shari.

Here are some of the photos I took with my point-and-shoot camera:


IMG_1175 First Prize Tree: Rocky Mountain Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) from Randy Knight, estimated age 650 years old, trained for 5 years.

IMG_1177 Details of the shari, the dead branch hung out the pot.

IMG_1165 South Western White Pine ( Pinus strobiformis) from Greg Breden. Estimated age: 300+ years old, trained for 10 years, in a Ron Lang cascade pot.

IMG_1166 I love the way the…

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