Juniper Old Gold Styling

DSC_0175I’ve had this Juniperus Chinesis ‘Old Gold’ for a few years now and for various reasons haven’t got far in its progression.  I did a workshop with Peter Warren two years ago when he visited the NIBS and this was the tree I brought.  The trunk was shaped and primary branches wired or, if unnecessary, were removed to create deadwood features.  The above photo shows a suggested front.  I’ve been unsure for a while now how to take it further but have decided today to have a bash, seeing as I’m going to be around the house all day and the kids will probably have a snooze at some point.  I did a sketch earlier of what the tree could look like after styling:

DSC_0181I’m not much of an artist but I found this very helpful in terms of giving me a direction to go when wiring.  Hopefully it’ll spur me on to finish the job this weekend.  Better get started!