First One of the Year, Bertie!

Well, Bertie, after you asked about the blog the other night, I feel properly motivated to kick start again after a longer than expected absence from bonsai related activities.  I do apologise, Bertie (and others!) if you’ve been checking in and leaving disappointed.  This is perhaps a good opportunity to give you readers some notice that for the month of July I may not be around much as my wife and I are expecting our fourth child!  Anyway, here’s some progression pics of the Chinese juniper mentioned in one of the last posts and I did say I would post when styling was finished.

Here it is earlier in the year, before I began wiring:


Remember this pic I drew of what I had in mind?


Then, after my initial work 2 months ago (no fine wiring completed):



I ran out of fine wire, wife declared pregnancy, and I stopped altogether.  Until the other night when I got some styling advice:


And finally, a wee virtual that I did earlier of what the tree could look like in a few years time:



Happy new year, Bertie!


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