Scots Pine Repot



Time to repot this chuhin sized collected Scots Pine I acquired last year. After purchasing from a friend, I left it to acclimatise to my garden for around six months then last August it was initially wired and left as you see it above.

I’ve always had a literati style in mind for this one and recently came across a mica drum pot that I think is just about the right size. The wire did its job and was removed first.  Then the tree repotted and also some branches pruned back a bit.  I want the foliage quite sparse eventually and some back budding is needed over the next few years.



I also did a wee virtual of what it could look like in a few years:


2 thoughts on “Scots Pine Repot

  1. Nice Scotty tree!! Personally I would raffia the top and twist it up over to the right. You would be able to feature all of that foliage toward the right, then have that lower character branch !! Make sense??


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