Formal Upright Hornbeam Repot


It’s been two years since I lifted this hornbeam that had a new nebari grown after applying a tourniquet.  I decided to remove a panel 0ff the box to check on the rootmass.


It hasn’t been draining too well recently so I decided to put it into a spare Ian Bailie pot that I thought suited it really well.  The air layer from last year was chopped off and potted first. Then the nebari checked for the best front, taking into account the trunk and existing branch placement.



The above front had the best nebari but the sacrifice branch is facing the viewer and the trunk kinks halfway.  I decided to rotate it but I’ll wait and see how the threadgraft performs this year.  I suppose it’s not a huge decision now as I can easily turn the round pot!


Future actions: Feed well to encourage the threadgraft and keep upper branching short.


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