Kaizen Delivery



I received a delivery of Kaizen products that I’ve been eyeing up for a while.  I’ve tried the Green Dream before and it seems to be pretty good for my more developed trees.  For my garden grown material I’ve always used whatever feed I’ve had handy – usually Baby Bio or chicken manure but this year I thought I’ve try this Green Dream High Nitrogen feed in the growing beds.  Its organic and has a lot of other minor supplements that maybe my material has been missing.  Lets see if it makes a difference.  The bark cleaner/algae remover is for a few rough textured pots that I’ve found it hard to clean up.  Maybe I’ll post about the results at some point.


Good Fuji News


I was afraid that I had lost this Fuji Cherry last summer when it was preyed upon by devouring caterpillars and the foliage withered.  Flower buds are appearing so its definitely not dead! I removed the weeds and gave it a light 0 nitrogen feed so hopefully that’ll give it a wee boost.dsc_0497dsc_0498

First styling of a Hinoki

Bought this mame Hinoki Cypress (Chaemycyparis Obtusa) a couple pf years ago from a friend who had it upright in a drum pot.  I left it initially and then repotted at a new angle to become a future cascade.  I’ve left it alone for the past 2 years.  Finally I’ve wired the primary branches.  Seems to be a fragile wee thing and can lose leaves/branches easily.  Primary aim is to grow an apex from the branch that I’ve twisted upward behind the trunk.