Flowering Cherry 2017 Growth and Autumn Colour

A quick update for the records of this flowering cherry last posted here


autumn 15


current nebari


autumn 17

I’ve finally got more backbudding and after a couple of years free growth I’ve got more to work with and the trunk is slowly maturing in age and girth.  Good colour this autumn but not the best I’ve had.  I’ll try and get some wiring done over the winter.  Hope to finally repot in the spring.

Colourful Bench


The other day I decided to organise my bench to be able to view the best autumn colours in the one place outside.  Most of the material isn’t anything of note but I love the variety of colours.

L-R European Hornbeam, a type of Sycamore (?), Japanese Maple, Fuji Cherry, Horse Chestnut, Cotoneaster (with berries), Amur Maple, Chinese Elm, Prunus