Shohin Hornbeam Airlayer

A few shots of this promising bit of material airlayered from a parent tree two years ago.  It’s been recovering from its first rootprune and repot earlier in the year.  No new shoots this year so I’m leaving it to bounce back and next year I’ll consider pruning and styling.


The front showing a possible reverse twin trunk image


From the back showing good trunk movement and taper


Future nebari needs covered and thickened


Upright Hornbeam Wired


My upright European Hornbeam, again wired and styled by a friend.   Last year it was air layered at the top and a thread graft performed lower down to provide a new branch .Both techniques worked and this year it has been left alone.The picture on the left was taken in March.  The trunk was chopped further recently and hopefully this will promote adventitious buds in the spring.

Immediate future plans:

  1. Leave the thread graft to thicken before removing in the autumn.
  2. Fertilise well to increase new branch girth.
  3. Defoliate selected branches in the summer.