Crimson Cherry











I’m really enjoying the leaf colour on my Fuji Cherry at the moment.


More Trees from the Bench

Following on from the last post, here are more trees/material from the display bench in the garden.


A tall Japanese Larch bought as raw material four years ago and continuing to develop foliage pads.  In a bonsai pot for the first time earlier this year and recovering from substantial root reduction.  Wiring still on thicker branches – no evidence of biting into the bark despite being on for nearly a year is proof that the repotting took its toll on the health of the tree this year.  There has been extension growth though so I’m not too worried.  It’ll be protected over the winter.


The Fuji Cherry as detailed in an earlier post here.


    This large Blue Atlas Cedar was repotted into this shallow mica training pot earlier this year and after dropping nearly all of its needles has recovered with a new flush and a little extension growth.  I plan to continue to leave it alone, protecting it over the winter, until hopefully signs of vigour return and it could be styled next year.


A pink flowering shohin azaelea that was recently pruned.  This is my favourite at the minute. Needs a bit of wiring and more foliage developed.  I’d like to put it into a shallower pot of a different colour next year.  Any suggestions?


This azaelea (or dwarf rhoddodendron?) was dug up this year from the garden.  I cut this from the rootball of a much larger shrub.  I thought it made a nice image in a shallow pot.  Will start work on it next year.