Chinese Elm summer shots

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

Some summer shots of my Chinese elm bonsai tree.  One from above showing the extent of the canopy, a shot from the side focussing on the textured trunk, and my favourite, looking up from below with a clear sky behind.

DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026

Show prep – Chinese Elm

My chuhin sized Chinese Elm that was repotted earlier this year.  Taking a while to get going but foliage will hopefully fill out over the next few weeks and I can then wire it for the first time in the autumn.  Took a while to moss up today but worth the effort.  Another tree that I’m hoping to have on show at The Bonsai Experience next weekend.






Chinese Elm – a new front

An overdue repot of my Chinese Elm.  I was never entirely happy with the spoke like appearance of the old front with most branches coming from one spot on the trunk.  Saw it from a new angle by chance at a club meeting last autumn and I think it’s much better.


autumn 2014


April 2015

Hopefully a bit of wiring later in the year will make a bigger difference too as some branches need to be manipulated into better positions as well.


Trees from the bench

I thought I’d share photos of trees that are on my bench. These are perhaps some of the furthest along in terms of development and keep me interested in the hobby while I wait for my material ‘from scratch’.



This Japanese Maple was acquired last year from someone affiliated with the NIBS who was selling his trees.  It’s recovering from a substantial root prune that was performed back in Spring in order to get it into the new shallow pot.  Not much extension growth this year so I have left it untouched and placed it in semi shade protect it.  It’ll need to be well protected this winter and hopefully will be ready for styling next year.


A mature Scots Pine which has struggled with ill health in the past but has recovered.  Backbudding required to fill out foliage closer to the trunk.


This Deshojo maple was bought online five years ago.  It was a thin sapling at the time but has grown some in the ground.  It struggled in the clay soil of my garden so I lifted it this year and I have seen the most growth since I bought it.  Unpruned to aid recovery and promote vigour.  Ready for a first styling soon but a long way to go yet to get a shohin bonsai out of this..


One of my first trees bought four years go from an online supplier. Will get a tidy up when leaves hopefully drop in a couple of months.


More trees in the next post…