Loving Maples in the Spring


May 2015

One of my red leaved Japanese Maples (Acer Palmatum ‘Deshojo’).  Glorious bright red leaves.




Pruned Maples

The leaves of two of my maples have finally just about dropped so more pruning to shape was needed after a year’s free growth for both of these two.

First up a small Deshojo maple that has never flourished in my flower beds:


Before – front



Before – back. Note the ugly scar.


After. A possible new front with the beginnings of ramification that shall hopefully evolve into a broom style shohin bonsai tree.

The other is also a Japanese Maple.  It’s a less common ‘Sango Kaku’ variety with beautiful young red/pink park.  This too never flourished in the garden, even less so when my young boy cycled over it and broke the apex.  Hence the significant trunk chop.  Everything has been regrown this year thanks to some backbudding.


Before – front.


Before – side.



Difficult to see but basically I’ve left the leader to thicken and continue extending next year. Other branches have been cut short to begin ramification next year. This could be a new front if the leader thickens enough to make a smoother transition up the trunk.  It also has the best nebari.