Sawara Cypress Repot


This chamaecyparis was rootpruned  last year but has made such a good recovery that I can reduce the rootball further this year and reduce the time it’ll take to get it into a suitable drum pot.


Into a spare glazed pot that was lying about.  I quite like it for the time being.  I’ll continue to keep the sacrifice branches on until it goes into the next pot.

DSC_0172 (2)

Sawara Cypress Annual Trim

I meant to lift this tree earlier in the year and begin to train it in a shallow pot but never got round to it.  Another year in the ground just means more thickening of the trunk and branches and that’s fine.  Time now for some pruning to improve branch/trunk taper and let more light into the interior to hopefully promote backbudding where necessary.  Quite a lot of foliage was removed and I’m pleasantly surprised with the tree like image that has been produced already.  I’m looking forward to getting it in a pot and refining it next year.


Before. July 2015

The most significant pruning was at the apex where the trunk split into two equally thick apexes.  I pruned off the one on the viewer’s left and now with the remaining apex on the right, the flow of the whole tree is improved and in better harmony.



Literati False Cypress

I posted about this tree last year when I was given it by my father.  Finally time to see what the roots were like and repot it out of this bucket into something shallower.





A flared nebari was uncovered and I was able to remove a substantial amount of root as it was surprisingly all fine and there was no heavy roots to prune at all.  It was hosed out and filled with an improved drainage mixture and some mycorrizhae fungi that I bought at a garden centre.  I reduced quite a bit of the lower foliage as it will probably be jinned at some point.  I haven’t removed any of the upper foliage yet but will do in the next few days once I have time to have a better look and decide on future styling.  I’m excited about the future of this tree and with it’s great nebari and old flaky bark I  imagine it to hopefully produce a literati Scots Pine like image.  I’ll see how it responds before deciding on when to wire.