Black Pine Root Inspection


I’m in the process of moving bonsai material from my front garden to the back garden where I have more space.  I can then plant some shrubs in the front to fill out naturally and these will look more attractive than small half formed trees with leggy escape branches.This item has been growing in the ground the past few years and I thought it was time to look at the roots and have a direction in mind for the tree anyway.


I’m very happy with the root base which flares out well.  Not much root pruning was done as the tree was planted on a tile in the ground.  Just one or two thick roots trimmed.


I’ll start the high nitro feed next month and let the tree establish in the new location before wiring the trunk again.  The sacrifice branch will hopefully continue to do its job and I’ll keep the rest of the shoots short after the first flush of growth in May.



Club night Jan 15

Some nice trees/material being worked on by members  at the latest NIBS meeting on Friday night.


European Beech Forest


Elm (I think!)


Red leaved Japanese Maple

I practised a bit of wiring and styling of a young Japanese Black Pine that I’m training into a literati image.







I pruned it in favour of the thinner trunk to get rid of the upper fork and promote better taper.  It’s hard to see the movement in the tree in the photo but it is there.  Over the next few years I’ll keep upper growth very short and build up two or three branch pads.  I’m going to allow the lower/bottom buds free growth and then prune or jin them eventually.