Japanese Maple Leafing Out.



Deshojo First Wiring


Time to perform a first wiring of this Acer Palmatum ‘Deshojo’.  The above picture was taken in the summer when I was allowing it some free growth.  Being the middle of winter, it’s without leaf and I finally decided to make decisions about styling.IMG_20160116_150451785

Last year I repotted it into this shallow pot and tried to pinch buds to promote ramification although I’ve never been convinced by size of the tree.  I had to decide whether to keep it tall and use the thick right hand branch as a low branch, or cut it down a bit and go for an informal broom with a double trunk apex.  Some virtual editing helped me decide:



So before and after (from above, facing viewer):




I’m going to ease up on the fertiliser and try to keep new shoots short.  Looking forward to getting into a smaller pot sometime in the future.