First styling of a Hinoki

Bought this mame Hinoki Cypress (Chaemycyparis Obtusa) a couple pf years ago from a friend who had it upright in a drum pot.  I left it initially and then repotted at a new angle to become a future cascade.  I’ve left it alone for the past 2 years.  Finally I’ve wired the primary branches.  Seems to be a fragile wee thing and can lose leaves/branches easily.  Primary aim is to grow an apex from the branch that I’ve twisted upward behind the trunk.

Another One Bites the Dust

Ah well, there’s normally at least one casualty each year but at least they are getting fewer and I’m trying to learn from my mistakes.  This little serissa foetida cutting from a previous post has died after repotting/rootpruning earlier this year.



It was a softwood cutting from a parent bonsai two years ago and I had hopes to create mame bonsai from it but I must have repotted it too early in the year.  I thought it would be safe because it was an indoor plant but I suppose the house was still too cold for it! I want to repot the parent tree this year but hope I haven’t left it too late as it’s been putting on new growth for a while now.  Any advice anyone hasd on repotting indoor trees would be appreciated!  In the meantime, this one joins the ‘RIP’ folder on my computer.


Cotoneaster Repot

Time for a repot of this mame/shohin sized Cotoneaster .


March 2015

It definitely needed it!



Mostly all fine root so I was happy to remove a substantial amount to fit into the best suited pot that I have at the moment.  A shallower little oval would be nice in future.


March 2015

I think the angle change definitely helps it.  Still only 11cm tall.

First Repot of the Year

First bit of repotting for this year was at club night on Friday. This is a two year old cutting from a Serissa Foetida , a popular indoor bonsai species.



I gave it a pretty good raking out


Excellent lateral roots

The roots were spread and any upwardly growing ones removed. The thicker ones were shortened.


Into a deeper than normal pot for training purposes. The straight trunk removed. Hope to make a nice wee mame bonsai out of it in future.