NIBS December club night

Last club night of the year and for a change I didn’t take anything to work on, just wanted to observe and listen to others at work.  Didn’t take many photos at all (sorry Ian!), just these three of my favourite winter images on display that evening.


Trident Maple




Jacqueline Hillier Elm



Two Amur Maple Trunks

The last few beautiful red leaves were falling from two of my Amur Maples (Acer Ginnala) over the weekend so I decided to carry out some heavy pruning.



New front with large wound hidden. Apex leaning towards viewer.

New front with large wound hidden. Apex leaning towards viewer.


This first one was the subject of an earlier post regarding a failed threadgraft.  I’ve decided to take it back to a bare trunk because I’ve never been happy with the straight lower half and kinked upper part, as well as being dissatisfied with the very heavy low branch.  If I get the right budding in the spring I’ll then have complete control over the branch development, aiming for a formal upright style .


September 14

This one was started three years ago as a hardwood cutting from the mature parent maple in the photos above.  It grew in the ground for one year and then was planted in this seed tray two years ago to give the roots plenty of room to run. I let it grow unrestrained last year and pruned last autumn and did the same again this year to develop some taper. The result is now a stocky little shohin sized piece of material.


After pruning

After pruning.

Front view. Turning the tree to the right slightly more will give a better view of trunk movement.

I’m relying on a lot spring budding in hopefully the right places for both of these trees and if I get that then these maples will give me a lot of hands on experience throughout the year of developing deciduous trees.  Fingers crossed.