Cotoneaster Club Chop

NIBS club resumed last Friday night after a summer break and it was great to be back in the thick of things.  I brought with me a large cotoneaster that I dug up from the garden a few years ago.  I had repotted it earlier this year and waited until now to think about styling.


Before. With another Ben hiding amongst foliage.

Originally I’d always thought about keeping the long trunk as it previously had multiple trunks and I thought it best to keep one but recently I’ve not been convinced.  I went to club thinking that it could be chopped right down but wanted to get a few other opinions in case I’d missed something.

So, with Ben modelling and Phil doing the cutting, it truly was a club effort.  Here’s what I came away with at the end of the night.



It’ll be short and chunky with a deadwood trunk.  The foliage will grow into two main pads in future.  Some wiring at the next meeting needed but before then I’ll carve down the extra trunk stubs when I get a chance. Cheers Phil!


Show prep


Well the trees coped fine over the weekend while I was away 🙂 no immediate casualties.
The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society is involved with several exhibitions over the next few months. I’m thinking about tree preparation now. Part of that is mossing up soil surfaces so I’m encouraging this by keeping some tree surfaces damp a lot with frequent watering and also putting them in more shade. Its working for the tree in the photo. Some moss added manually too.