What is this?


 Abnormal growths on one of my satsuki azaleas.  Anyone any ideas how to treat/prevent from reoccurring?


New Azalea pot

I’ve been looking online for a light blue pot for this azalea but haven’t found one the right size with the features I’d like.  I was just about to put off repotting for another year when on Friday’s club meeting I found a suitable one being sold by another member.



The existing pot was too long, too deep and too formal for this tree.  I ideally wanted an oval with cloud feet but this new one is the closest I’ve found to what I want.



Side by side.

DSC_0813 DSC_1061

I left it a bit late to repot and the new pot is smaller so I’ll pick out half of the flower buds that are developing to help it recover.  Hopefully it’ll be wired later in the year.