Playing around with accessories

Two days to go until The Bonsai Experience here in Northern Ireland and I finally received some online purchases for my trees being exhibited.  It’s always going to be difficult getting the right sizes online but I’m reasonably happy with these boards.  Spent a while tonight mixing and matching trees, boards and possible accents.


Satsuki Azalea and Japanese Maple cutting


Different board for the accent. Possibly not as good a match for the rectangular pot.



Sedum accent


Chinese Elm on bamboo mat with unknown flowering accent on ji ta


Shohin/mame Cotoneaster


Chuhin Japanese Larch on bamboo mat with flowering Satsuki Azalea cutting on ji ta

It’s a lot of work trying to put display ideas together and get trees presentable for a show but definitely worth it as I have learned a few things in the process.  For example, looking at the photos above, I’m just not convinced about the direction of the azalea.  Seems to be the tree is actually leaning right instead of left and I may have to correct the position of the tree in the pot at the next repot.  As for the show at the weekend? I’m not sure what’s going to happen, I’ll just turn up and figure it out with the help of others on the day!


Show prep – Chinese Elm

My chuhin sized Chinese Elm that was repotted earlier this year.  Taking a while to get going but foliage will hopefully fill out over the next few weeks and I can then wire it for the first time in the autumn.  Took a while to moss up today but worth the effort.  Another tree that I’m hoping to have on show at The Bonsai Experience next weekend.