Shohin Hornbeam Airlayer Update


March 2018


Airlayered nebari


In a new commissioned Walsall Ceramics pot.


After pruning


Leafed out April 2018


NIBS September 14

I attended the first Northern Bonsai Society meeting on Friday night and came away all the better for a number of reasons:

1: I had one of those epiphanies when seeing my Chinese Elm from another angle across the room and have finally found a direction in which to develop the tree.  I’ll explain more about this in another post but being part of a local bonsai club is definitely a good way to improve your skill and knowledge as a bonsai artist.

2: This Parthenocissus (Boston Ivy/Virginia Creeper – not sure!) was a showstopper in my opinion, displaying autumn colour at its peak.  It’s owned by Ben Follis at the club and typifies for me the excitement of the changing colours of this season.  I’m looking forward to seeing more colour change in the natural environment and in my garden  as we expect temperatures to gradually drop over the next couple of months.



3: Pots!  At each club meeting there is usually the chance to buy something from another club member whether it be bonsai material or pots/accessories.  There was a wide range of various items present, including a number of Walsall Ceramics pots.  Now I’m very fond of pots from their kiln, and it was this plus the fact that Bertie scooped most of the raffle prizes that led to me walking away at the end of the evening with three unexpected purchases!

DSC_0234 DSC_0235 DSC_0237


They were being sold by a member who has spent a few years doing exactly what I just did – buying pots that he didn’t immediately need! 🙂  They were at  a very reasonable price and so I couldn’t resist (looks like I caved in, Bertie!).  I do have a few ideas about what I can put into them but just may have to wait a bit longer than next Spring.

I always look forward to NIBS club nights and with bonsai being displayed at the Belfast City Autumn Fair and the NIBS Bonsai School in a few weeks, it’s going to be a busy month!