Shohin Acer Ginnala One Year On

Now that the growing season is coming to an end I’m evaluating the progress of my bonsai material and trees.  Are there noticeable differences in terms of appearance and health?  Not everything has improved one year on but I’m very happy with this wee shohin Amur Maple:


Autumn 2014


Chopped Autumn 2014


Autumn 2015

Shohin Amur Maple summer update

This is the small tree that originated as a hardwood cutting from the parent tree in the post two days ago.  It was dramatically chopped last autumn too in the hope that new buds would set over winter and this tree fared better.  I’m very happy with the new branching and I’ll continue to pinch out emerging buds and build up girth in the bottom branches and leader.


Before. Summer 2015


The back of the tree