Good Fuji News


I was afraid that I had lost this Fuji Cherry last summer when it was preyed upon by devouring caterpillars and the foliage withered.  Flower buds are appearing so its definitely not dead! I removed the weeds and gave it a light 0 nitrogen feed so hopefully that’ll give it a wee boost.dsc_0497dsc_0498


Swelling Buds

Signs of life around the garden the other morning.  I’ve started to walk round and inspect things a bit more often, expecting to see buds starting to swell on some plant/tree species.  I’m looking forward to some flowers within the next few weeks:


European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)


Flowering Peach (Prunus Persica)


Japanese Apricot (Prunus Mume)


Damson Tree (Prunus Insititia)


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Prunus Incisa – A two year progression…

This was a garden centre shrub that was bought in January 2012. I’d heard of the variety before and knew of someone else who had a Fuji Cherry bonsai. After having a poke around the based of the trunk at the centre decided that it would be a suitable subject for bonsai training. I wanted to repot before flowering, so I immediately reduced the rootball by approximately half and put it into an Ian Bailie pot that I had spare and really liked.  Unfortunately I failed to take a ‘before’ photo so this first photo shows the foliage reduced significantly too.

5 Spring 2012

To me the tree looked great but to other more experienced members of the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society pointed out that it looked very much like a shrub and that the tree would need to be significantly reduced in height.

10 feb 14

After a year of free growth and good feeding, the trunk and base thickened up.  Reducing the height of the tree also helped to make it appear stockier and powerful.

7 sep 13

After two years in the round pot, I felt that the tree was ready for a new home.  I chose to repot early because I wanted to see the flowers in the new Walsall pot.  As soon as the flower buds started to swell and develop colour, I went ahead.

17 feb 14

The tree has changed a lot in the past two years but a lot more is to be done.  The short thick trunk base changes into a number of upper trunks but one of these was nearly vertical and crossed in front of a more interesting primary trunk option.  Following advice from more experienced members, I decided to recently chop it.

18 feb 14 19 DSC_0003.jpg reworked

The tree is now opened up more with more movement.  A lot of ramification to be developed over the next few years.