Amur Maple Rootwork


Before work

My aged trunk of Amur maple put out a few new shoots last year but unfortunately none in the middle of the trunk.  I’m hoping for more adventitious buds this year and a rootprune was overdue.  As you can see from the moss on the lower trunk, it’s been a bit neglected otherwise.


First, I cleared the soil surface of moss and other debris and reminded myself of what there was to work with.


A comb out and trim of fine outer roots followed by thick rootage left me with the above image.  A wide root base but the very thick root surface root on the left has always bothered me.  Time to address it.


I discovered that the end of the root was dead and so cut it back a bit.  I’ve read of splitting thick surface roots to improve nebari but this was too thick to attempt.  Instead I went for some carving with my dremel tool.

DSC_0122 (2)

I carved a wedge shape that hopefully wasn’t too unnatural looking.  Removal of more rotten wood underneath left an exposed root image, but I’m definitely happier with the appearance now.

DSC_0123 (2)

New soil and shallower training pot.

5 thoughts on “Amur Maple Rootwork

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I understand what you mean but I was unsure about this when repotting. Because growth on this species can be coarse very quickly and easily, I felt perhaps it would be better to develop ramification of what is already present and try to stimulate adventitious budding. It worked to some extent last year but not in the middle of the tree. Perhaps a spell in open ground with unchecked growth would be better for getting the buds I need? Or maybe I could develop branches from threadgrafts in future? I suppose if this container is too small I can easily transplant into the ground or a bigger pot.


      • Planting it In the ground would be a good choice, add lots of fertilizer and untouched growth on top of that and you’ll get buds where you want.

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